The History of Shamrock

Eric Sprague founded Shamrock Cleaning and Restoration in his garage with one single concept, “To provide the most outstanding service experience ever”.  Shamrock began it’s service business by offering home inspections and air duct cleaning. Winning over one new customer at a time, Eric plugged away to bring back the good customer service he remembered from his New England  roots. Good service seemed to be lacking in many of the companies that came to work at Eric’s home, so he felt there was real opportunity to make a difference by offering an alternative to the impersonal and poor quality home services he had experienced. Word got around quickly that Eric did a good job and soon the referrals started to flood in. That was great, but Eric needed help! That’s when he thought of his college roommate, Larry Wilberton. Larry worked his way through college waiting on tables, so Eric knew that Larry’s work ethic and amazing people skills would grow the business to new heights. Eric’s strengths were technical knowledge and Larry’s strengths were dealing with people. It was truly a partnership where each partner brought his unique skills to take the company to a higher level.

Once Larry decided to partner with Eric in the new venture, they decided to move Shamrock to Southern California. Setting up shop in Rancho Cucamonga, the two business partners put their nose to the grindstone and got to work building Shamrock Cleaning and Restoration. With the Great Recession in full effect, Larry and Eric took work wherever they could find it to keep the dream alive. They expanded Shamrock’s offerings to include carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning, fire clean-up, mold remediation, and water damage restoration.

For many years it was not uncommon for Eric and Larry to work 80-90 hour weeks; as building Shamrock were the center of theirlives. The two business partners became very involved in the community by joining and being active in the Claremont, Upland, and Rancho Cucamonga Chambers of Commerce, as well as several local civic groups. Larry eventually sat on the Board of Directors at the Rancho Cucamonga Chamber of Commerce. Shamrock’s philosophy is to build stellar local reputation where the their staff can walk around town with the heads held high, proud to wear the Shamrock logo.

After years of struggle and hard work to earn clients and show the Inland Empire region what awesome service Shamrock provides, the company has grown by leaps and bounds. No job is too tough for the Shamrock crew. With 12 trucks and 18 employees, Shamrock has the ability to handle jobs both big and small.

Shamrock is now thought of as a premier home service company in the Inland Empire Region.  Customer service is still, after all these years, the #1 priority at Shamrock Cleaning and Restoration.  Things have changed dramatically over the years at Shamrock. With business systems and a competent management team in place, Eric and Larry have the freedom to become much more involved in the local business community and their industry. Larry, served on the Board of Directors for the Rancho Cucamonga Chamber of Commerce and has developed a weekly business referral networking group. Eric has become an industry coach and speaker, helping other carpet cleaning companies grow and refine how the operate.

While Eric and Larry are out helping others and working everyday to grow Shamrock, the amazing team they have assembled is hard at work saving people’s homes from water damage, mold, fire, and dirt. Shamrock employs IICRC Certified technicians in every category of home service they offer.  Shamrock also has hired former Insurance adjusters to help it’s clients with their home damage losses. Our former insurance industry adjusters know the business inside and out from both the restoration side of the business, as well as the insurance company perspective. This offers Shamrock clients the best service possible for helping them in their time of need.

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The 2014 Secrets of a Phenomenal Business Conference

Eric Sprague, Larry Wilberton and Jason Hovencamp are presently attending Howard Partridge’s “2014 Secrets of a Phenomenal Business Conference” in Houston, TX. And guess who was invited on stage to give their testimonial to the power of Howard’s system for business growth? That’s right; the founder’s of Shamrock Cleaning and Restoration, Eric and Larry! They’ve implemented Howard’s plan for success and they can confirm that IT WORKS! In fact, it is working so well that Howard invited Eric and Larry on stage to tell everyone how they’ve used his program to push Shamrock to the forefront of the cleaning and restoration business. Congratulations to Eric and Larry for the honor of being recognized by the president of Phenomenal Products, Inc., Howard Partridge!
Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 11.44.03 AM

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 11.46.24 AM

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Duct & vent cleaning; the Shamrock way!

If the technician doesn’t pay attention to the details while he is cleaning the ducts and vents in your home, he can release contaminants into the air creating the opposite of the desired effect. At Shamrock we use only the best filters for purification of your homes air space while we work. We even make sure that each vent cover is labeled and returned to its original position after being meticulously cleaned and serviced. You can breath easy when Shamrock Cleaning & Restoration is cleaning the ducts and vents in your home!


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Shamrock to the rescue!

Today Justin, Mike and Josh had a chance to show their skills in vent and duct cleaning. After staging the equipment necessary to execute the job, Josh discovered a gas leak that had not yet been detected by the homeowners. The crew exited the home while the gas company came in and fixed the issue. While they were there the gas company found two additional leaks in the system! Thanks to Josh’s attention to detail a potential disaster was averted. Once the gas leaks were fixed the crew went back in and cleaned the vents and ducts. Job well done, guys!20140205_094303


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There’s ALWAYS hope for your carpet with Shamrock Cleaning & Restoration on the job!

These pics were from a rental property that was unoccupied.  The owner enlisted Shamrock Cleaning & Restoration to undo the wear and tear on the property from the previous tenants.  Carpet this bad has seen it’s last days in most situations.  But thanks to Mike Drewry that was not the case on this day.  Mike knew the proper chemical mix to tackle the oily residue in this carpet and he chose the correct base product to get the most out of the fiber.  The results speak for themselves.  Do you think that your carpet is on it’s last legs?  Call the professionals at Shamrock Cleaning & Restoration before you make that decision.  We just might be able to change your mind!ImageImage

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One of our customers donated a chair to Shamrock Cleaning & Restoration while we were in her home cleaning her carpet. She didn’t need it anymore and said that if we wanted to take it and clean it that we could keep it. Mike Drewry waved his magic wand over it and Presto! The chair is like new again! Once Mike brought the chair back to life it was no problem at all to donate it to a family who was pleased to have it. If you have furniture that could stand to be freshened up give us a call at 1-800-787-0260. We can handle all of your upholstery cleaning needs!20140124_092252


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A busy day for Mike and JJ

Mike and JJ paid a visit to a customer in Los Angeles yesterday and performed several different services for them. Our techs picked up area rugs to be cleaned at our facility and returned at a later date. They cleaned the customer’s air ducts and cleaned some upholstered furniture while they were at it. You can see how we stack the cushions and pillows in such a way as to maximize airflow and surface exposure to ensure complete drying in as short a time as possible. Later that evening Mike went out on call for a water/sewage emergency. Mike cleaned up the water and sewage and then removed the affected carpet and building materials. He immediately went to work with his moisture meter to determine how extensive the water damage was. Our techs chase down the water wherever it goes, remove it, and then make sure to remove any affected building materials and affected contents of the home. We’re not only efficient; we’re thorough. Thanks for your hard work, Mike and JJ!20140203_15003320140201_111553

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Breakfast with a local Plumber.

Jason, Eric and Larry of Shamrock Cleaning & Restoration paid an early morning visit to Jason and Justin, owners of a local Plumbing company in Rancho Cucamonga, to put on a big breakfast for them and their staff. Shamrock pulls out all the stops when it comes to servicing our customers and showing our business associates how much we appreciate them!



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Gourmet breakfast for Andersen Commercial Plumbing, Inc.

Tuesday morning Larry, Jason and Justin set up Shamrock’s mobile kitchen in the parking lot of Andersen Commercial Plumbing, Inc. to treat them to a gourmet breakfast with all the fixins. We’re looking forward to a great future working together with our new friends to “bail out” customers after their home or business has suffered water damage. Shamrock Cleaning & Restoration know how to start off a business relationship on the right foot!IMG950171

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Berber carpet cleaning done right!

This customer’s berber carpet required heavy vacuuming due to a significant buildup of soil over time. But you can see from this picture that even a neglected carpet can be brought back to life if you’ve got the right cleaning company doing the work for you. Call Shamrock Cleaning & Restoration for all of your floor care, vent cleaning, upholstery cleaning and stone restoration needs!CAM00383

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